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Evaluation of the seed production and grow out culture of blue swimming crab Portunus pelagicus (Linnaeus, 1758) in India
A significant development in bringing out P. pelagicus as a potential species for aquaculture by developing protocol for seed production, nursery rearing and grow-out culture and assessing survival and growth. Expand
Catch, abundance and some aspects of biology of deep sea fish in the southeastern Arabian Sea
The bottom trawls operated by FORV Sagar Sampada in the southeastern Arabian Sea revealed the existence of grounds with potentially rich unexploited deep sea finfish resources and some aspects of biology of fishes landed in fairly good quantity are dealt with. Expand
Growth Performance of the Green Tiger Prawn Penaeus semisulcatus De Haan in Cages in the Gulf of Mannar off Mandapam, Southeast Coast of India
The results of this study revealed that growth parameters such as L∞ and k are subject to variation depending on density and diet of the species in question. Expand
Observations on the exploitation of penaeid prawn resources in the Palk Bay off Mandapam during 1986 - '93
The penaeid prawns contributed to 16.70% of the total trawl landings at Mandapam during 1986-'93 and a gradual decline of P.semisulcatus in the species percentage composition and a steady increase of that of M. stridulans was observed. Expand
Ph ton Brood stock dependent seed production and grow-out culture of green tiger shrimp Penaeus semisulcatus ( De Haan , 1844 ) at Mandapam , South-east coast of India
This study was designed and carried out for three consecutive years to evaluate the suitability of Penaeus semisulcatus for commercial application and to address the issue of stunted growth inExpand
Exploitation of juveniles of green tiger prawn. Penaeus (penaeus) semisulcatus, along Palk Bay and its impact on the prawn fishery of the region
The green tiger prawn Penaeus (Penaeus) semisulcatus, contributes to over 50% of the total prawn catch landed along the Palk Bay coast. They are caught by the indigenously developed trawl-like Expand
Tagging experiments on searanched Penaeus indicus in the Palk Bay, southeast coast of India
An attempt has been made to study the suitability of hatchery raised and farm grown Penaeus indicus for searanching, and to study the growth and movement of ranched population in the Palk Bay and theExpand
Sea ranching of prawn
Larval rearing of the crab Portunus pelagicus(Crustacea, Portunidae) in hatchery at MandapamRegional Centre of CMFRI
Work was taken up to standardise and popularise a technology for the hatchery production of seed of P. pelagicus with a view to overcome the nonavailability of crab juveniles for farming and also to replenish the depleting stock of the wild by sea-ranching. Expand
Repetitive maturation and spawning of the green tiger prawn Penaeus semisulcatus by environmental regulation in closed seawater recirculation systems
The results suggest that P. semisulcatus can be induced to mature and spawn viable eggs in captivity through environmental regulation and by feeding a mixed diet. Expand