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Natural Hybridization and Evolution
Chapter 1 Natural Hybridization: Definitions and History Chapter 2 Natural Hybridization and Species Concepts Chapter 3 Natural Hybridization: Frequency Chapter 4 Reproductive Parameters and NaturalExpand
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Genetics and the fitness of hybrids.
Over the years, the evolutionary importance of natural hybridization has been a contentious issue. At one extreme is the relatively common view of hybridization as an evolutionarily unimportantExpand
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A Look at the Condition of Rural Education Research: Setting a Direction for Future Research
This document has been funded at least in part with federal funds from the U.S. Department of Education under contract number ED-01-CO-0006. The content of this publication does not necessarilyExpand
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Evolution through Genetic Exchange
Preface 1. History of Investigations 2. The Role of Species Concepts 3. Testing the Hypothesis 4. Barriers to Gene Flow 5. Hybrid Fitness 6. Gene Duplication 7. Origin of New Evolutionary Lineages 8.Expand
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Natural Hybridization as an Evolutionary Process
Studies of natural hybridization have generally addressed evolutionary questions using one of the three following frameworks: (i) taxonomy or systematics (57, 59, 73, 79, 111, 172); (ii) mechanismsExpand
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Are natural hybrids fit or unfit relative to their parents?
The process of natural hybridization may produce genotypes that establish new evolutionary lineages. However, many authors have concluded that natural hybridization is of little evolutionaryExpand
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Pollen-mediated introgression and hybrid speciation in Louisiana irises.
Populations of the "Louisiana iris" species Iris fulva, I. hexagona, and I. nelsonii were examined genetically to test for interspecific gene flow between I. fulva and I. hexagona, for pollen- versusExpand
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  • M. Arnold
  • Biology, Medicine
  • American journal of botany
  • 1 May 1993
Nuclear and chloroplast DNA variation was assayed for two populations of Louisiana irises (Bayou Teche and Young's Coulee) that demonstrated extreme morphological variation and for a sample of theExpand
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Reinforcement: the road not taken
Reinforcement, a process whereby natural selection strengthens prezygotic isolation between sympatric taxa, has gained increasing attention from evolutionary biologists over the past decade. ThisExpand
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Understanding and confronting species uncertainty in biology and conservation
Recent essays on the species problem have emphasized the commonality that many species concepts have with basic evolutionary theory. Although true, such consensus fails to address the nature of theExpand
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