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Hedonic shopping motivations
Abstract Given the increasing importance of entertainment as a retailing strategy, this study identifies a comprehensive inventory of consumers’ hedonic shopping motivations. Based on exploratoryExpand
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Hedonic and utilitarian shopping value: Investigating differential effects on retail outcomes
Abstract Previous research on both hedonic and utilitarian shopping value has focused much effort on the antecedents of shopping value with very little emphasis on the outcomes of shopping value.Expand
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Understanding the Customer Base of Service Providers: An Examination of the Differences between Switchers and Stayers
Creating and maintaining customer loyalty has become a strategic mandate in today's service markets. Recent research suggests that customers differ in their value to a firm, and therefore customerExpand
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Customer delight in a retail context: investigating delightful and terrible shopping experiences
Abstract The concept of delight is of great interest to practitioners who understand that to keep customers loyal, a firm must go beyond merely satisfying to truly delighting them [Bus. Mark. Dig. 17Expand
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Toward a theory of customer engagement marketing
Customer engagement marketing—defined as a firm’s deliberate effort to motivate, empower, and measure customer contributions to marketing functions—marks a shift in marketing research and businessExpand
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Executive Insights: Exploring the Practical Effects of Country of Origin, Animosity, and Price–Quality Issues: Two Case Studies of Taiwan and Acer in China
The authors review relevant literature and present two new case studies—one of Taiwan's country image campaign and the other of Acer's entry into global markets—to gain a further understanding of twoExpand
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Customer Loyalty to the Salesperson and the Store: Examining Relationship Customers in an Upscale Retail Context
Only recently has research interest in relationship marketing and customer loyalty converged in the retail context. Although this research shows that relationship customers maintain their primaryExpand
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Affect and Retail Shopping Behavior: Understanding the Role of Mood Regulation and Regulatory Focus
Two studies investigate the relationship between promotion and prevention focus, mood regulation, and retail marketplace evaluations and behaviors. Study 1, a laboratory experiment, finds thatExpand
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Transformational Relationship Events
Exchange events are fundamental building blocks of business relationships and essential to relationship development. However, some events contribute to incremental relationship development, asExpand
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Technology readiness and usage: a global-identity perspective
The past several decades have witnessed the rapid globalization of consumption markets and widespread diffusion of information and communication technologies. However, the use of technology byExpand
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