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The Unthought In Contemporary Islamic Thought
Drawing on a combination of pertinent disciplines - history, sociology, psychology and anthropology - the author's approach subjects every system of belief and non-belief, every tradition ofExpand
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Rethinking Islam Today
Islamic revivalism and the activities of those who are its real or perceived proponents have monopolized the discourse on Islam. This article explores how this focus has totally ignored anExpand
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Rethinking Islam: Common Questions, Uncommon Answers
Imagining Islam Islam and Muslims Church and State secularism nationalism revelation the Qu'ran exegesis Muhammed Hadith tradition the ideal community women dogmas sacerdotal power authority Judaism,Expand
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Positivism and Tradition in an Islamic Perspective
The many studies, articles, essays, conferences and seminars dedicated to the personality and the work of Mustafa Kemal are still far from having exhausted an area of knowledge with many facets, aExpand
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The Answers of Applied Islamology
The starting point of the article is the archive, characterized as a query about the future, and Foucault’s call for a discourse that provides a dual articulation of the history of individuals on theExpand
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