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Chapter 18
Abstract New material of dasyurids, peramelids, phalangerids, pseudocheirids, burramyids, ektopodontids, and vombatids from the early Pliocene Hamilton fauna of Victoria, Australia, includes a newExpand
The basicranial region of marsupicarnivores (Marsupialia), interrelationships of carnivorous marsupials, and affinities of the insectivorous marsupial peramelids
Didelphids are structurally ancestral to all other marsupicarnivores, directly or indirectly and are directly ancestral to thylacinids, borhyaenids, dasyurids and peramelids. Expand
First Mesozoic mammal from Australia—an early Cretaceous monotreme
Here we describe Australia's first known Mesozoic mammal and the first known early Cretaceous mammal from Gondwanaland. Steropodon galmani n. gen. and sp., discovered in early Cretaceous sediments atExpand
Developing a radiometrically-dated chronologic sequence for Neogene biotic change in Australia, from the Riversleigh World Heritage Area of Queensland
Abstract Radiometric U–Pb ages are presented for the Riversleigh World Heritage fossil mammal site in northwestern Queensland, Australia. The ages are determined on speleothems which are generallyExpand
Australia's Oldest Marsupial Fossils and their Biogeographical Implications
Djarthia is the oldest known crown-group marsupial anywhere in the world that is represented by dental, cranial and post-cranial remains, and is also the most plesiomorphic known australidelphian, and phylogenetic analyses place it outside all other Australian marsupials. Expand
Earliest known Australian Tertiary mammal fauna
The discovery of a tooth of the earliest non-volant placental known from Australia, Tingamarra porterorum gen.et sp. Expand
Fossil Mammals of Riversleigh, Northwestern Queensland: Preliminary Overview of Biostratigraphy, Correlation and Environmental Change
Aspects of the results of studies of the fossil-rich Cainozoic deposits of Riversleigh, northwestern Queensland, are reviewed. A summary of five selected Riversleigh faunas representing the primaryExpand
The Dasyurid Dentition and its Relationships to that of Didelphids, Thylacinids, Borhyaenids (Marsupicarnivora) and Peramelids (Peramelina : Marsupialia)
Dasyurids are a unified group with most of the extreme specializations linked through intermediates to more generalized forms, and many genera demonstrate independent development of analogous structures or losses. Expand
First discovery of monotremes in South America
The first monotreme from outside the Australian continent, an ornithorhyn-chid, is reported from sediments of late early Palaeocene age in Patagonia, southern Argentina, demonstrating the Gondwanan nature of monotremes and supporting the hypothesis that the Patagonian Terrane of southern South America had a biotic history distinct from that of the rest of the continent. Expand