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Multiple breath nitrogen dead space.
Ventilatory efficiency for eliminating CO2 is expressed by the physiological dead space, VD phys = (1-PE CO2/Pa CO2) x VT, where PE is the mixed exhaled and Pa the arterial CO2-tension and VT theExpand
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Combined radionuclide phlebography and lung scanning in patients operated on for scoliosis with the Harrington procedure.
Iliac vein thrombosis is an uncommon type of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) that occurs in young patients following surgical procedures for scoliosis. The symptomatology is diffuse and this type of DVTExpand
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Regional and total lung function studies in patients with hemidiaphragmatic paralysis.
Global and regional lung function were studied in 17 subjects with hemidiaphragmatic paralysis. Global lung function (VC, MVV, and FEV1) in the sitting postion was reduced by an average of about 25%.Expand
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ABSTRACT. Fifty children with exercise‐induced asthma (EIA) volunteered to take part in a study of the influence of training on EIA. 1) Ten children did not change physical activity. 2) TwelveExpand
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Changes in volume of trapped gas in the lungs during provoked asthma followed by beta-2 receptor stimulation.
The volume of trapped gas (VTG) that could be mobilized by maximal breaths at the end of a nitrogen washout to 2% N2 was measured in 11 subjects with a history of asthma before and after provocationExpand
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Influence of unilateral hypoxia on blood flow through the lungs in man in lateral position.
The relative blood flow through the separated lungs was determined with six subjects in lateral position. The amount of CO 2 eliminated from each lung and the end-tidal air composition gave theExpand
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Influence of a fatty acid on duodenal motility.
The duodenal transport mechanism has been studied by a method combining roentgen-fluorography and multiple pressure recordings. Three main types of motility were distinguished: propulsive,Expand
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Intramuscular laser-Doppler flowmetry in the supraspinatus muscle during isometric contractions
To study the regulation of microvascular blood flow in a compartment muscle, laser-Doppler measurements of muscle microcirculation were recorded in the supraspinatus muscle in eight volunteers duringExpand
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