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The phylogeny of Mallotus s.str. (Euphorbiaceae) inferred from DNA sequence and morphological data
An analysis of quantitative morphological data, in combination with qualitative morphological and molecular datasets resulted in almost completely resolved phylogenies and increased support values, however, the higher-level relationships between the clades are not supported in the authors' analyses and the position of many taxa is still ambiguous.
Themorphological range in Mallotus (Euphorbiaceae) and a taxonomic revision ofits section Rottleropsis (including Axenfeldia) in Malesia, Thailand and Africa .
This paper concludes a series of taxonomic revisions of the genus Mallotus in Malesia and Thailand with a taxonomic revision of 38 species of sect.
Re-shaping Mallotus [Part 1]: Expanded circumscription and revision of the genus Cordemoya (Euphorbiaceae)
Cordemoya (formerly monotypic with C. integrifolia from the Mascarene Islands) is expanded with sixteen additional species previously assigned to Mallotus, and two subgenera are recognized: Cordemoya from Madagascar and MASCarenes and Diplochlamys from Asia.