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A fully organic retinal prosthesis restores vision in a rat model of degenerative blindness
The fabrication and functional validation of a fully organic prosthesis for long-term in vivo subretinal implantation in the eye of Royal College of Surgeons rats, a widely recognized model of Retinitis pigmentosa, highlights the possibility of developing a new generation of fully organic, highly biocompatible and functionally autonomous photovoltaic prostheses forSubretinal implants to treat degenerative blindness. Expand
Improving mobility and electrochemical stability of a water-gated polymer field-effect transistor
Abstract Water-gated organic transistors have attracted considerable attention in the field of biosensors, thanks to their capability of operating in the aqueous environment typical of biologicalExpand
The Oxford Handbook of the History of Ethics
It is somewhat misleading to think of the Franciscans as forming a “school” in ethics, since there was a fair bit of diversity among Franciscans. Nonetheless, one can identify certain characteristicExpand
A hybrid bioorganic interface for neuronal photoactivation.
It is shown that primary neurons can be successfully grown onto the polymer layer without affecting the optoelectronic properties of the active material or the biological functionality of neuronal network, and action potentials can be triggered in a temporally reliable and spatially selective manner with short pulses of visible light. Expand
Photothermal cellular stimulation in functional bio-polymer interfaces
This work identifies and fully characterize two concomitant mechanisms, leading to membrane depolarization and hyperpolarisation, both mediated by a thermal effect in Human Embryonic Kidney cells grown on top of a poly(3-hexylthiophene) (P3HT) thin film. Expand
Broadband pump-probe spectroscopy with sub-10-fs resolution for probing ultrafast internal conversion and coherent phonons in carotenoids
Abstract We use pump-probe spectroscopy with broadband detection to study electronic energy relaxation and coherent vibrational dynamics in carotenoids. A fast optical multichannel analyzer combinedExpand
Nanoparticles: A Challenging Vehicle for Neural Stimulation
This mini-review focuses on the employment of nanoparticles for the modulation of the electrophysiological activity of neuronal networks and the related transduction mechanisms underlying the nanostructure-neuron interfaces. Expand
Field-effect and capacitive properties of water-gated transistors based on polythiophene derivatives
Recently, water-gated organic field-effect transistors (WGOFET) have been intensively studied for their application in the biological field. Surprisingly, a very limited number of conjugated polymersExpand