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Fungal communities do not recover after removing invasive Alliaria petiolata (garlic mustard)
The negative impacts of non-native invasive plants on native plants has prompted intensive eradication efforts, but whether eradication can restore soil microbial communities that are also sensitiveExpand
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Distinct Assembly Processes and Microbial Communities Constrain Soil Organic Carbon Formation
Soil stores more carbon (C) than all vegetation and the atmosphere combined. Soil C stocks are broadly shaped by temperature, moisture, soil physical characteristics, vegetation, andExpand
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The WXG100 protein secretion system of streptococcus agalactiae
Purpose of the Study: Mycobacterium tuberculosis secretes WXG100 proteins (100 amino acids long containing a WXG motif) through a WXG100 secretion system (Wss) into the external environment (1).Expand
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Describing body shapes of the white goby, Glossogobius giuris of Lake Buluan in Mindanao, Philippines using landmark-based geometric morphometric analysis
In this study, landmark-based geometric morphometrics was used to determine morphological variation in body shapes of the white goby, Glossogobius giuris (Hamilton and Buchanan, 1822), anExpand
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Invasive plant (Alliaria petiolata; garlic mustard) homogenizes fungal community composition and increases fungal richness
Non-native invasive plants can disrupt native plant communities and soil function (e.g., C and N cycling), but few studies have examined how soil microbial community structure differs in associationExpand
Aside from differences in body size, studying the detailed structure of a bird feathers poses great importance in the determination of sexual dimorphism among birds. This study was conducted toExpand
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Fungal community structure and function shifts with atmospheric nitrogen deposition.
Fungal decomposition of soil organic matter depends on soil nitrogen (N) availability. This ecosystem process is being jeopardized by changes in N inputs that have resulted from a tripling ofExpand