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Conformation of Met5-enkephalin determined by high field PMR spectroscopy
THE discovery by Hughes et al.1 that peptides (the enkephalins) could be the endogenous agonists of opiates in brain represents a challenge to medical chemistry both in its fundamental aspects andExpand
A proton magnetic resonance study of the conformation of methionine-enkephalin as a function of pH.
It is found that methionine-enkephalin has at least two different conformations in aqueous solution, one at low and one at high pH. From inspection of titration curves and coupling constant values,Expand
Solution conformation of virginiamycins (staphylomycins).
The 1H (at 300 MHz) and 13C nuclear magnetic resonance spectra of virginiamycins S and S4 and vernamycin Balpha have been unravelled and analyzed. Together with model building and theoreticalExpand
Solution conformation of lasalocid and lasalocid-Na+ (X-537A)
Abstract The complete unraveling of the proton nuclear magnetic resonance spectra at high field strength of Lasalocid ( 1 ) and its sodium salt ( 2 ) in different solvents allowed the definition ofExpand
Stereochemical aspects of proton chemical shifts. III—Configurational assignments in pentacyclic systems without recourse to a karplus equation
It is shown that in contrast to the use of coupling constants, chemical shift criteria may lead to unambiguous structural elucidations in pseudorotational frameworks (pentacycles, heptacycles, etc.).
Experimental data for gauche couplings in carbohydrates
Typical sets of values for vicinal gauche coupling constants are given, allowing configurational predications in pyranose chairs.
High field 1H NMR studies. Influence of the cis-trans isomerism on the N-acetyl 4-hydroxy proline ring conformation.
Abstract Complete analysis of the high resolution NMR spectra of N-acetyl 4-hydroxy Proline (AcOH-PRO) has been made and it is shown that conformational cyclic changes may be explained in terms ofExpand
Conformation of cyclo-(D-phenylalanyl-trans-4-fluoro-D-prolyl).
cyclo(D-Phenylalanyl-trans-4-fluoro-D-prolyl), c(D-Phe-D-FPro), was synthesized and its conformation determined both in solution and in the solid state by 1H NMR and X-ray analysis, respectively. InExpand