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Morphological and molecular taxonomic identification and phylogenetics of Criconematoidea
The superfamily Criconematoidea has been studied since 1886. It is composed of two families: Criconematidae (subfam. Criconematinae, Hemicycliophorinae) and Tylenchulidae (subfam. Tylenchulinae,Expand
Critérios para abate do animal e a qualidade da carne Criteria for animal slaughter and the meat quality
Many were and still are the criteria chosen for animal slaughter with the purpose of meat consumption by humans; some seeking economic return and, at present, with consumer satisfaction and betterExpand
Grapevine performance and production strategies in tropical climates
Viticulture is a traditional activity in countries with a temperate climate which, however, has gained significance in several regions of hot climate in the world. Under tropical conditions theExpand
Effect of culture medium and nutrient concentration on fatty acid content of Chaetoceros muelleri
Fatty acid content in microalgae can be modified by culture conditions. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of nitrogen sources and their concentration in the polyunsaturated fattyExpand
On the Status of Hyla bogerti Cochran and Goin
Duellman (1969) described Hyla carnifex from Provincia de Pichincha, Ecuador, and Cochran and Goin (1970) described H. bogerti from Departamento de Antioquia, Colombia. Goin (1970) erroneouslyExpand
Ruminant Nutrition : Beef I M 310 Effect of narasin in mineral mix to Nellore heifers fed with high forage
M310 Effect of narasin in mineral mix to Nellore heifers fed with high forage. Renan G. Silva*1, Marcos V. C. Ferraz Junior1, Vinicius N. Gouvea1, Daniel M. Polizel1, Marcelo H. Santos1, Alexandre A.Expand
Addition of lipolytic enzyme in anaerobic co-digestion of swine manure and inclusion levels of waste vegetable oil.
*Corresponding Author: E-mail: anaorrico@ufgd.edu.br Studies that aim the reusing of agro-industrial wastes have become very important due to the high production of this sector and environmentalExpand