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The Byzantine Empire 1025-1204: A political history
Introduction: A Note on the Sources. 1. Recent Work (1025-1119). 2. Basil II and his legacy. 3. Byzantium's place in the World, 1025-1071. 4. Byzantium 1041-1071: the search for a new political
Belle Époque or Crisis? (1025–1118)
the eleventh-century question Basil II died in December 1025 after a reign of almost fifty years. He left Byzantium the dominant power of the Balkans and Middle East, with apparently secure frontiers
Byzantine ‘Nationalism’ and the Nicaean Empire
  • M. Angold
  • History
    Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies
  • 1975
The fall of Constantinople on the night of 13 April 1204 to the Venetians and the soldiers of the fourth crusade is taken as the crucial turning point of the history of the later Byzantine Empire.