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The Truth About the Drug Companies
1 am delighted to have been asked to deliver the Hogan & Hartson Jurimetrics Lecture in honor of Lee Loevinger. I had many conversations with him about the interface between science and the law, aExpand
The ethics of clinical research in the Third World.
  • M. Angell
  • Medicine
  • The New England journal of medicine
  • 18 September 1997
An essential ethical condition for a randomized clinical trial comparing two treatments for a disease is that there be no good reason for thinking one is better than the other.1,2 Usually,Expand
The Truth About the Drug Companies: How They Deceive Us and What to Do About It
“What does the eight-hundred-pound gorrilla do? Anything it wants to.” These are the first words of Chapter One, innagurating the pages of this monumental book with metaphoric clear-seeing that isExpand
Alternative medicine--the risks of untested and unregulated remedies.
What is there about alternative medicine that sets it apart from ordinary medicine? The term refers to a remarkably heterogeneous group of theories and practices — as disparate as homeopathy,Expand
Is academic medicine for sale?
  • M. Angell
  • Medicine
  • The New England journal of medicine
  • 18 May 2000
In 1984 the Journal became the first of the major medical journals to require authors of original research articles to disclose any financial ties with companies that make products discussed inExpand
Industry-sponsored clinical research: a broken system.
controversial character rather quickly. The faculty moves on—and this should encourage other AMCs to appoint their own task forces to design and implement change. As change becomes embedded inExpand
Privilege and health--what is the connection?
  • M. Angell
  • Medicine
  • The New England journal of medicine
  • 8 July 1993
Anyone who follows the medical literature knows that “socioeconomic status” is a powerful determinant of health. In current jargon, socioeconomic status refers to a mix of factors that shape aExpand
Excess in the pharmaceutical industry
  • M. Angell
  • Business, Medicine
  • Canadian Medical Association Journal
  • 7 December 2004
The main point about excess in the pharmaceutical industry is how much there is of it. Here I can touch on only a few specifics about this altogether over-the-top business. ![Figure][1] Figure.Expand
The Epidemic of Mental Illness: Why?
It seems that Americans are in the midst of a raging epidemic of mental illness, at least as judged by the increase in the numbers treated for it. The tally of those who are so disabled by mentalExpand