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Prediction of cyclosporine area under the curve using a three-point sampling strategy after Neoral administration.
Accurate monitoring of cyclosporine (CsA) dosage is still a problem, because measurement of the area under the curve (AUC)--the most appropriate indicator of exposure to CsA--requires a number of
How to convert from traditional cyclosporine to the microemulsion formulation in stable renal transplant patients?
There was a tendency to lower GFR even in some patients randomized to 1:0.75 dose-ratio conversion but mostly in those with 1:1 conversion, and the Neoral formulation that permits a more effective, consistent, and predictable absorption of CsA may represent a great advantage in order to prevent acute and possibly chronic rejections.
Hypomagnesemia and Hypocalcemia Caused by Proton-Pump Inhibitors Long-Term Therapy.
Patients with symptomatic, refractory FM secondary to histoplasmosis are modified by placing them on a regimen of 2 doses of 1000-mg IV rituximab 14 days apart alongside a several month tapering regimen of oral prednisone.