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Synthesis of Methylenebis(4-hydroxy-2-pyrone)or Methylenebis(4-hydroxycoumarin)Derivatives by Organic Solid State Reaction
The methylene bridged biscoumarins namely dicoumarol (1) and coumetarol (2) find application as oral anticoagulants in the treatment of thromboemblic disorders, besides retaining their role asExpand
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Total Synthesis of Bisabolane Sesquiterpenoids, α‐Bisabol‐1‐one, Curcumene, Curcuphenol and Elvirol: Utility of Catalytic Enamine Reaction in Cyclohexenone Synthesis.
A variety of bisabolane type natural products are widely dis­ tributed both in terrestrial as well as in marine organisms. In spite of their rather simple structures, some of them have char­Expand
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The first total synthesis of (+)-rogioloxepane A
Abstract The first total synthesis of (+)-rogioloxepane A is described. The α,ω- trans -disubstituted oxepene skeleton was stereoselectively constructed via cyclization of the hydroxy epoxideExpand
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