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Effect of pre-composting on vermicomposting of kitchen waste.
The aim of this work was to test combination of the thermocomposting and vermicomposting to improve the treatment efficiency and assess the optimum period required in each method to produce goodExpand
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Integrated waste management
The concept of integrated waste management (IWM) has been developed to provide a means towards sustainability. Population growth coupled with increasing consumption have increased the amount of wasteExpand
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Sustainable Urban Biophilia: The Case of Greenskins for Urban Density
Green infrastructure ameliorates the urban heat island effect, contributes positively to liveability and enables sustainability in higher density urban environments. Greenskins (living architectures)Expand
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Scoping the capacity of Indigenous community housing organisations
This research examined the organisational capacity of Indigenous Community Housing Organisations (ICHOs). It found that remote location, inadequate governance procedures and lack of economies ofExpand
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A monitoring of environmental effects from household greywater reuse for garden irrigation
The option of reusing greywater is proving to be increasingly attractive to address the water shortage issue in many arid and semiarid countries. Greywater represents a constant resource, since anExpand
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Centralised versus decentralized wastewater systems in an urban context: the sustainability dimension
Decentralised wastewater systems in an urban context in the developed world have the same investment and operating & maintenance costs as centralised systems. Water and nutrient recycling or reuseExpand
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Selecting an economically suitable and sustainable solution for a renewable energy-powered water desalination system: A rural Australian case study
Renewable energy (RE) powered reverse osmosis (RO) desalination is rapidly evolving as an attractive energy-water nexus solution that combines the sustainability of RE and the maturity of RO. TheExpand
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Evapotranspiration for domestic wastewater reuse in remote indigenous communities of Australia.
  • M. Anda, K. Mathew, G. Ho
  • Medicine, Chemistry
  • Water science and technology : a journal of the…
  • 1 September 2001
In the past sewage ponding in indigenous settlements was commonplace as a result of overcrowding combined with inappropriate septic tank and leach drain design, installation and operation. TheExpand
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Investigating the dynamic interactions between supply and demand for rural sanitation, Malawi
Formative market research is the first step in developing evidence-based sanitation marketing programs. In Malawi, the design, implementation and evaluation of rural sanitation marketing programs hasExpand
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Subsurface dripline tubing — an experimental design for assessing the effectiveness of using dripline to apply treated wastewater for turf irrigation in Western Australia
Using sub-surface dripline has several advantages over sprinklers, when irrigating with treated wastewater. However, sprinklers are still preferred for landscape irrigation in Western Australia (WA).Expand
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