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Cannibal Tours and Glass Boxes: The Anthropology of Museums
Preface to the Second Edition Preface to the First Edition: Museums, the Public and Anthropology 1. Introduction: The Critical Theory and Practice of Museums 2. The Development of Museums in theExpand
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Caste in Modern India and Other Essays.
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Medusa's Hair
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Counterfeit museology
Abstract Museums are not usually seen to be agents of change. If they are to serve as important mechanisms for empowering local communities to define, recognize, and develop their own indigenousExpand
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Magical-animism and Buddhism: A Structural Analysis of the Sinhalese Religious System
This paper is intended to present in outline form a structural analysis of the total religious system of the Sinhalese of Ceylon. The Sinhalese, excluding those few who are Hindu, Christian, orExpand
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Polychlorinated dibenzo(p)dioxin and furan (PCDD/F) congener profiles in cement kiln emissions and impacts.
Cement kilns are known to emit polychlorinated dibenzo(p)dioxins and furans (PCDD/Fs; "dioxins"), but estimates of the amounts and patterns of these emissions vary widely. These variations may stemExpand
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Conflict and Change in British Columbia Sikh Family Life
When the Punjabi-speaking peoples came to live in British Columbia they brought with them ideas about religion and family that profoundly affected their settlement here. Most of the Punjabi settlersExpand
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Museology Interrupted
Scholars customarily impose their differentiations upon the world and how it is to be studied, then defend them with vigour: between different sets of subject matter (language, art, artefact,Expand
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Buddha and the Dancing Goblins: A Theory of Magic and Religion1
book religion of the literati that is contrasted with an animistic substratum of the masses. It is occasionally even suggested that the high religion-be it Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, orExpand
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