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Composition of the essential oils of wild and cultivated Satureja khuzistanica Jamzad from Iran
The essential oils of the wild and cultivated Satureja khuzistanica Jamzad (Lamiaceae) from Iran were isolated by hydrodistillation in yields of 0.6% and 1.2% respectively. The chemical composition
Miconazole gel compared with Zataria multiflora Boiss. gel in the treatment of denture stomatitis
An open, randomized, controlled study with two parallel treatment groups was done to evaluate the efficacy of a miconazole 2% gel compared with Zataria multiflora 0.1% gel applied four times daily
Simeprevir, Potential Candidate to Repurpose for Coronavirus Infection: Virtual Screening and Molecular Docking Study
A virtual screening procedure employing docking of different databases including 1615 FDA approved drugs was used to identify new potential small molecule inhibitors for protease protein of COVID-19 and indicates that simeprevir (Hepatitis C virus NS3/4A protease inhibitor) could fit well to the binding pocket of protease and might be a helpful treatment option for CO VID-19.
Large scale screening of commonly used Iranian traditional medicinal plants against urease activity
The most potent urease inhibitory activity was observed for Sambucus ebulus and Rheum ribes extracts with IC50 values of 57 and 92 μg/ml, respectively.
DeepCDA: deep cross-domain compound-protein affinity prediction through LSTM and convolutional neural networks
The results show that the proposed method learns a more reliable model for the test domain in more challenging situations.
The effect of “Curcuma Longa” topical gel on radiation-induced oral mucositis in patients with head and neck cancer
It was showed that the topical gel, containing curcuma longa's derivate, can effecvely reduce the oral symptoms of mucosis in paents undergoing head and neck cancer radiotherapy.
Probing of the Interaction Between β-Lactoglobulin and the Anticancer Drug Oxaliplatin
Results of molecular docking results indicate that docking may be an appropriate method for the prediction and confirmation of experimental results and may be useful for the determination of the binding mechanism of proteins such as β-LG in pharmaceutical and biophysical studies.