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Scaling properties of rainfall induced landslides predicted by a physically based model
Abstract Natural landslides exhibit scaling properties revealed by power law relationships. These relationships include the frequency of the size (e.g., area, volume) of the landslides, and theExpand
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Parallelization of the TRIGRS model for rainfall-induced landslides using the message passing interface
We describe a parallel implementation of TRIGRS, the Transient Rainfall Infiltration and Grid-Based Regional Slope-Stability Model for the timing and distribution of rainfall-induced shallow landslides. Expand
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Optimizing landslide susceptibility zonation: Effects of DEM spatial resolution and slope unit delineation on logistic regression models
Abstract We perform landslide susceptibility zonation with slope units using three digital elevation models (DEMs) of varying spatial resolution of the Ubaye Valley (South French Alps). In so doing,Expand
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Color fluctuation effects in proton-nucleus collisions
Color fluctuations in hadron–hadron collisions are responsible for the presence of inelastic diffraction and lead to distinctive differences between the Gribov picture of high energy scattering andExpand
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A global slope unit-based method for the near real-time prediction of earthquake-induced landslides
Abstract Rapid assessment of spatial distribution of earthquake-induced landslides could provide valuable information in the emergency response phase. Previous studies proposed global analyses withExpand
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Non-susceptible landslide areas in Italy and in the Mediterranean region
Abstract. We used landslide information for 13 study areas in Italy and morphometric information obtained from the 3-arcseconds shuttle radar topography mission digital elevation model (SRTM DEM) toExpand
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Proton-neutron and proton-proton correlations in medium-weight nuclei and the role of the tensor force.
A detailed analysis of the effect of short-range and tensor correlations on one- and two-nucleon momentum distributions of medium-weight nuclei (12<or=A<or=40) is carried out. Although our Letter isExpand
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Initial state anisotropies and their uncertainties in ultrarelativistic heavy-ion collisions from the Monte Carlo Glauber model
In hydrodynamical modeling of heavy-ion collisions, the initial-state spatial anisotropies are translated into momentum anisotropies of the final-state particle distributions. Thus, understanding theExpand
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Beam Fragmentation in Heavy Ion Collisions with Realistically Correlated Nuclear Configurations
We develop a new approach to production of the spectator nucleons in the ultrarelativistic heavy ion collisions. The energy transfer to the spectator system is calculated using the Monte Carlo basedExpand
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Implications of climate change on landslide hazard in Central Italy.
The relation between climate change and its potential effects on the stability of slopes remains an open issue. For rainfall induced landslides, the point consists in determining the effects of theExpand
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