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Comparative plasma disposition kinetics of ivermectin, moxidectin and doramectin in cattle.
The comparative plasma disposition kinetics of IVM, MXD and DRM in cattle, characterized over 80 days post-treatment under standardized experimental conditions, is reported for the first time.
Interaction of macrocyclic lactones with P-glycoprotein: structure-affinity relationship.
Pharmacokinetics of eprinomectin in plasma and milk following topical administration to lactating dairy cattle.
The pharmacokinetics and mammary excretion of eprinomectin were determined in cattle following topical administration, and the maximum level of residue in milk did not exceed the maximum acceptable limit of 30 ng ml(-1).
Interaction of ivermectin with multidrug resistance proteins (MRP1, 2 and 3).
Eprinomectin in dairy goats: dose influence on plasma levels and excretion in milk
Comparison of the eprinomectin concentrations in the milk and plasma demonstrated a parallel disposition of the drug with a milk-to-plasma ratio of 0.10–0.25, suggesting that the pharmacokinetics of epr in goats is dose independent.
Plasma concentrations and therapeutic efficacy of phenylbutazone and flunixin meglumine in the horse: pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic modelling.
It is concluded that PK/PD is a tool of potential value for the preclinical screening of a dosage regimen by establishing in the horse the relationship between plasma concentration profiles of phenylbutazone and flunixin meglumine and their pharmacological effects in order to build a predictive pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic model.