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The ecological role of biodiversity in agroecosystems
Increasingly research suggests that the level of internal regulation of function in agroecosystems is largely dependent on the level of plant and animal biodiversity present. In agroecosystems,Expand
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Agroecology: the science of natural resource management for poor farmers in marginal environments
Throughout the developing world, resource-poor farmers (about 1.4 billion people) located in risk-prone, marginal environments, remain untouched by modern agricultural technology. A new approach toExpand
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The agroecological revolution in Latin America: rescuing nature, ensuring food sovereignty and empowering peasants
This paper provides an overview of what we call ‘agroecological revolution’ in Latin America. As the expansion of agroexports and biofuels continues unfolding in Latin America and warming the planet,Expand
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Agroecology: The Ecology of Food Systems
ABSTRACT We present a compelling rationale for defining agroecology as the ecology of food systems. Our purpose is to provide a framework that will guide research, education, and action in theExpand
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Agroecologically efficient agricultural systems for smallholder farmers: contributions to food sovereignty
The realization of the contribution of peasant agriculture to food security in the midst of scenarios of climate change, economic and energy crisis, led to the concepts of food sovereignty andExpand
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Agroecology and the design of climate change-resilient farming systems
Diverse, severe, and location-specific impacts on agricultural production are anticipated with climate change. The last IPCC report indicates that the rise of CO2 and associated “greenhouse” gasesExpand
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Agroecology: The Scientific Basis Of Alternative Agriculture
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The greening of the “barrios”: Urban agriculture for food security in Cuba
Urban agriculture in Cuba has rapidly become a significant source of fresh produce for the urban and suburban populations. A large number of urban gardens in Havana and other major cities haveExpand
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Linking ecologists and traditional farmers in the search for sustainable agriculture
For centuries, traditional farmers have developed diverse and locally adapted agricultural systems, managing them with ingenious practices that often result in both community food security and theExpand
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Agroecology: A new research and development paradigm for world agriculture
Abstract In its several conceptions, agroecology has emerged as a scientific approach used to study, diagnose and propose alternative low-input management of agroecosystems. Solving theExpand
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