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The arabidopsis ATHB-8 HD-zip protein acts as a differentiation-promoting transcription factor of the vascular meristems.
Results are consistent with the hypothesis that ATHB-8 is a positive regulator of proliferation and differentiation, and participates in a positive feedback loop in which auxin signaling induces the expression of ATHb-8, which in turn positively modulates the activity of procambial and cambial cells to differentiate.
Cadmium-inducible expression of the ABC-type transporter AtABCC3 increases phytochelatin-mediated cadmium tolerance in Arabidopsis
Highlight AtABCC3 detoxifies cadmium by transporting phytochelatin–cadmium complexes into the vacuoles, and it can functionally complement abcc1 abcc2 mutants.
Modulation of intracellular proline levels affects flowering time and inflorescence architecture in Arabidopsis
The altered expression of AtP5CS1, encoding the rate-limiting enzyme of proline biosynthesis in plants, suggests that proline plays a key role in flower transition, bolting and coflorescence formation.
Functional Characterization of OsMADS18, a Member of the AP1/SQUA Subfamily of MADS Box Genes1[w]
The functional analysis of OsMADS18 is reported, showing that during evolution, this rice MADS box gene during evolution seems to have conserved the mechanistic properties of protein-protein interactions, although it cannot complement the AP1 function.
The proline biosynthetic genes P5CS1 and P5CS2 play overlapping roles in Arabidopsis flower transition but not in embryo development.
In situ mRNA hybridizations and quantitative reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) revealed that P5 CS1 and P5CS2 are expressed at similar levels and with the same pattern of expression in vegetative and floral shoot apical meristem as well as in axillary meristems, suggesting a specific role of P5cs2 in embryogenesis and an involvement of proline in cell division.
Development of the vascular system in the inflorescence stem of Arabidopsis
The results show that the secondary vasculature develops in the stem and pedicel, and that, simultaneously, some primary tissues lignify, enhancing stem rigidity.
Methyl jasmonate upregulates biosynthetic gene expression, oxidation and conjugation of polyamines, and inhibits shoot formation in tobacco thin layers.
Northern analyses revealed MJ-induced, generally dose-dependent, increases in the mRNA levels of all three enzymes, and the upregulation of polyamine metabolism is discussed in relation to the morphogenic behaviour of MJ-treated explants.
Auxin Regulates Arabidopsis Anther Dehiscence, Pollen Maturation, and Filament Elongation[W]
The results suggest that auxin synthesized in anthers plays a major role in coordinating anther dehiscence and pollen maturation, while auxin transport contributes to the independent regulation of preanthesis filament elongation.
Tachykinin receptor antagonists in clinical trials
The field is still well active, as currently proof-of-concept studies for indications initially missed (i.e., depression) are ongoing and new targets are under investigation.
Auxin controls Arabidopsis anther dehiscence by regulating endothecium lignification and jasmonic acid biosynthesis.
It is proposed that auxin controls anther dehiscence timing by negatively regulating two key events: endothecium lignification via MYB26, and stomium opening via the control of JA biosynthesis.