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Recovery after lung transplantation from a patient perspective - proposing a new framework.
AIMS The aims of this study were two-fold: to develop the concept analysis by Allvin et al. from lung recipients' perspective of their post-transplant recovery process and to identify the recoveryExpand
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The meaning of being in uncertainty after heart transplantation – an unrevealed source to distress
Background: As many as 88% of heart transplant recipients (HTRs) suffer from psychological distress. Both psychosocial factors and physical health are associated with increased psychologicalExpand
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Self‐efficacy in the context of heart transplantation – a new perspective
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES An in-depth exploration of self-efficacy among heart transplant recipients by means of Bandura's self-efficacy theory. BACKGROUND An essential component of chronic illnessExpand
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The Richmond Agitation‐Sedation Scale: translation and reliability testing in a Swedish intensive care unit
Background: Awareness about adequate sedation in mechanically ventilated patients has increased in recent years. The use of a sedation scale to continually evaluate the patient's response to sedationExpand
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Acquisition of French Liaison and Related Child Errors
Although French liaison is a recurrent theme in the study of adult phonology, its acquisition remains an unexplored su bject. Moreover, frequent liaison consonant (LC) substitutions or insertions areExpand
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The Meaning of Being a Living Kidney, Liver, or Stem Cell Donor—A Meta-Ethnography
Background Studies on living donors from the donors’ perspective show that the donation process involves both positive and negative feelings involving vulnerability. Qualitative studies of livingExpand
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Health transition after lung transplantation - a grounded theory study.
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES To investigate lung recipients' process of transition from prior the transplantation to one year afterwards, as well as what their main concerns are and how they deal with theseExpand
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Recovery, symptoms, and well‐being one to five years after lung transplantation – A multi‐centre study
BACKGROUND In recent years, survival after lung transplantation has remained largely unchanged despite improvements in short-and intermediate-term survival, indicating the need to identify factorsExpand
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