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International power and international communication
List of Tables and Figures - Preface - List of Abbreviations - The Larger Questions: Communication in the Literature of International Relations and in International Relations Theory - The StructureExpand
The United Nations' Celebrity Diplomacy
The United Nations' increasing resort to celebrity diplomacy under Secretary General Kofi Annan is another dimension of a U.N. propaganda project that attempts to discursively construct a U.N.Expand
Global Lies?: Propaganda, the UN and World Order
Introduction Propaganda for Peace? Global Information Machine Polishing the Tarnished Image Good Propaganda, Bad Propaganda Lubricating the Wheels Using the Tool UN Ideological Work and InternationalExpand
Stability and Change at the “Big Five” News Agencies
Five news agencies, headquartered in four countries, are responsible for relaying most of the world's news. This article is a quantitative and qualitative survey of these so-called “Big Five” at theExpand
News Revolution: Political and Economic Decisions about Global Information
Preface - List of Tables and Figures - List of Abbreviations - Introduction: The Evolution of News - The Economic Value of International News - The Death of Propaganda - Inequality and Injustice inExpand
The Phenomenon of Cultural Relations
Lurking in the background of debates over trade in cultural products, transnational mass media and global news flows is the assumption that seemingly innocent items of entertainment, such as TVExpand
Using the Tool
The last of our questions is perhaps the most difficult to answer. Does the track record of over 50 years prove the utility, and even “success”, of the United Nations public information program?
Propaganda for Peace
When the United Nations (UN) civil service was established in 1946, the first UN Secretary-General, Trygve Lie, appointed eight Assistant Secretaries- General. An Assistant Secretary-General inExpand
Reforming International Communication: The NWICO Debate
The discussion so far in this book has been an explanation of the structure of power as far as the role of information and communication are concerned in international relations. There now needs toExpand