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Sensitivity Analysis in Watershed Model Using SUFI-2 Algorithm
Abstract The idea of watershed modeling is embedded in the interrelationships of geospatial and hydro-meteorological data and represented by mathematical abstractions. The behavior of each process isExpand
A low cost nephelometric turbidity sensor for continual domestic water quality monitoring system
This paper focuses on the design and development of a low cost nephelometric turbidity sensor for the continuity of domestic monitoring of water quality. The electronic turbidity sensor operatesExpand
Application of the SWAT Hydrologic Model in Malaysia : Recent Research
Hydrologic models are particularly useful tools for investigating the many practical issues that arise during the planning, design, operation, and management of water resource systems. In Malaysia,Expand
Modeling and comparative study of PID Ziegler Nichols (ZN) and Cohen-Coon (CC) tuning method for Multi-tube aluminum sulphate water filter (MTAS)
Floods are a natural phenomenon that frequently occur in Malaysia. Flooding will cause water to become cloudy or turbid. In this situation, the supply of clean drinking water is the most affectedExpand
The Development and Application of Malaysian Soil Taxonomy in SWAT Watershed Model
The concept of watershed modeling is embedded in the interrelationships of geo-spatial data and hydro-meteorological data and represented through mathematical abstractions. The behavior of eachExpand
Application on One-at-a-T ime Sensitivity Analysis of Semi-Distributed Hydrological Model in Tropical Watershed
Abstrac t—A soil and water assessment tool (SWAT) model has been employed for the Langat River basin, Malaysia to predict stream flows. The basin was divided into 27 sub basins comprising 193Expand
Chemical Relationship On Detection Of Ganoderma Disease On Oil Palm Tree System
Studying the relationship of the fungal disease breeding between oil palm trees and the heavy metals does affect the tree's system shows the prevention and controlling this disease situation are needed to reduce the extent of the infection. Expand
An Assessment of Water Demand in Malaysia Using Water Evaluation and Planning System
Water supply and demand is one of the hot topics discussed in the community today. Higher growth rate of the population has drawn heavily on the natural resource base in Malaysia. Trend of supply andExpand
Discharge Assessment by Using Integrated Hydrologic Model for Environmental Technology Development
River water quality degradation is one of the most significant environmental challenges. Over the years, many models have been used to investigate the current state of Malaysian rivers and itsExpand
Removal of Lead by Nanoscale Zerovalent Iron in Surfacewater
This study investigates removal of Lead (Pb2+) by nanoscale zerovalent iron (nZVI) in surface water under various environmental conditions. Particles size of synthesized nZVI was in the range ofExpand