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Continuous Integration, Delivery and Deployment: A Systematic Review on Approaches, Tools, Challenges and Practices
The state of the art of continuous practices is reviewed to classify approaches and tools, identify challenges and practices in this regard, and identify the gaps for future research, revealing that continuous practices have been successfully applied to both greenfield and maintenance projects. Expand
Challenges in using open source software in product development: a review of the literature
Component-Based Software Development has become a popular approach to building software intensive systems. Besides using Commercial Off-The-Shelf components, an organization may choose to use OpenExpand
Architectural Resilience in Cloud, Fog and Edge Systems: A Survey
This work presents a capability-based cyber-foraging framework intended to improve the overall system resilience in the context of a physical node’s capabilities and a flexible taxonomy for reviewing architectural resilience approaches for distributed systems. Expand
Game Theoretical Modelling of Network/Cybersecurity
A review of the literature in the area of game theoretical modelling of network/cybersecurity and identifies a number of challenges in this area that need to be addressed. Expand
On identifying the skills needed for software architects
This position paper claims that software architects need a unique set of skills that may be difficult to gain solely from academic qualifications and/or training courses. We believe thatExpand
An Empirical Study of the Effectiveness of Software Architecture Evaluation Meetings
The findings from the experiment data analysis raise the question about the effectiveness of holding meetings for developing scenarios as more existing scenarios were lost than new scenarios were gained as a result of these meetings. Expand
A framework for groupware‐supported software architecture evaluation process in global software development
A software architecture evaluation process requires a large number of stakeholders to be collocated for evaluation sessions. Given an increasing trend to using globally distributed softwareExpand