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France and the Algerian War: strategy, operations and diplomacy
France's war in Algeria from 1954–62 has prompted new historical research and political polemics since 1992. Especially controversial has been an acknowledgement that torture was practisedExpand
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The fall of France, 1940
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Radio-Intercepts, Reconnaissance and Raids: French Operational Intelligence and Communications in 1940
Mentioned in memoirs by a few former military intelligence officers, operational intelligence has had little attention in academic writing on the Second World War before Ultra's decisiveExpand
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Intelligence and National Security: A Century of British Intelligence
This is the first of two edited collections based on the contributions to the ‘Century of British Intelligence’ conference, organized by the Centre for Intelligence and International Security StudiesExpand
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After Dunkirk: The French Army's Performance against `Case Red', 25 May to 25 June 1940
The historiography of the German defeat of France and her allies in 1940 has focused mainly on the first fortnight of what was a six-week campaign. Most writers have concentrated on either the GermanExpand
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France and the Algerian war 1954-62: strategy operations and diplomacy
France and the Algerian war - strategy, operations and diplomacy, Martin S. Alexander and J.F.V. Keiger. Part 1 Strategy and operations: the French army "centre for training and preparation inExpand
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Anglo-French Defence Relations Between the Wars
Alexander, Martin, Anglo-French defence relations between the Wars (New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2003), pp.xiii+231 RAE2008
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The Republic in Danger: General Maurice Gamelin and the Politics of French Defence, 1933-1940
Acknowledgements Introduction 1. The making of a republican general 2. Gamelin and the rebirth of German power 3. First responses: defence versus detente in the Laval era 4. The Popular Front, theExpand
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How Fighting Ends: A History of Surrender
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