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Mosses of the Mediterranean, an Annotated Checklist
Abstract The names of all mosses published up to the end of August 2011 in the countries of the Mediterranean basin, the Macaronesian Islands and Bulgaria are compiled in an annotated checklist. TheExpand
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Hepatics and Anthocerotes of the Mediterranean, an annotated checklist
The names of all hepatics and anthocerotes published to the end of may 2007 in the Mediterranean countries and Bulgaria are compiled in an annotated checklist list. The list comprises accepted namesExpand
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Multi‐taxon and forest structure sampling for identification of indicators and monitoring of old‐growth forest
Abstract The most commonly used old‐growth forest indicators are structural attributes; nevertheless, they do not necessarily represent the biodiversity value of old‐growth forests. The aim of thisExpand
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Aquatic bryophytes as ecological indicators of the water quality status in the Tiber River basin (Italy).
Abstract A survey of 18 watercourses of the Tiber River basin was carried out to define the ecological niche breadth of some aquatic bryophyte species in relation to environmental factors. AquaticExpand
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Lichens and bryophytes as indicators of old‐growth features in Mediterranean forests
Abstract This study is focused on the selection of variables affecting lichen and bryophyte diversity in Mediterranean deciduous forests. Plots representing two forest types (Fagus sylvatica andExpand
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Are Red Lists really useful for plant conservation? The New Red List of the Italian Flora in the perspective of national conservation policies
“The New Red List of the Italian Flora” includes all the Italian policy species and other species of known conservation concerns for a total of 400 taxa, 65% of which are threatened with extinction.Expand
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An information system on Italian liverworts, hornworts and mosses
The checklist of hornworts, liverworts and mosses of Italy is available online as a federated database, which can be queried by combining taxonomic and distributional information. Several digitalExpand
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New Checklist of the Bryophytes of Italy
ABSTRACT The bryophyte flora of Italy sums up 1191 species, 18 subspecies and 35 varieties. Among them, hornworts and liverworts are represented by 297 species, 5 subspecies and 4 varieties, unitedExpand
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