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Structures of compounds with antigonadotropic activity obtained by in vitro oxidation of caffeic acid.
Two new cyclolignan derivatives were isolated by HPLC from the mixture of substances obtained after oxidation of caffeic acid with KMnO4. Their structures were elucidated by spectroscopic methods asExpand
Blue Fluorescent Amino Acids as In Vivo Building Blocks for Proteins
In vivo expression of colored proteins without post‐translational modification or chemical functionalization is highly desired for protein studies and cell biology. Cell‐permeable tryptophanExpand
Imidazol-2-and-4-ylidene by decarboxylation. Studies on the cross-conjugated mesomeric betaine-alkaloid norzooanemonine and its pseudo-cross-conjugated isomer.
1,3-Dimethylimidazolium-2-carboxylate and -4-carboxylate (norzooanemonine), which belong to two distinct classes of heterocyclic mesomeric betaines, undergo thermal decarboxylations to theExpand
Dynamic effects in friction and adhesion through cooperative rupture and formation of supramolecular bonds.
We introduce a molecular toolkit for studying the dynamics in friction and adhesion from the single molecule level to effects of multivalency. As experimental model system we use supramolecular bondsExpand
Red/near-infrared luminescence tuning of group-14 element complexes of dipyrrins based on a central atom.
A dipyrrin complex has been one of the most utilized fluorescent dyes, and a variety of dipyrrin complexes show intriguing functions based on the various coordination structures of the centralExpand
Switching adhesion and friction by light using photosensitive guest-host interactions.
Friction and adhesion between two β-cyclodextrin functionalized surfaces can be switched reversibly by external light stimuli. The interaction between the cyclodextrin molecules attached to the tipExpand
Pyridinium salts and ylides as partial structures of photoresponsive Merrifield resins
Merrifield resin was treated with 4,4′-bipyridine and 2,4′-bipyridine, respectively, to give photochromic materials. On exposure to light, reversible color changes are observable. These resins alsoExpand
Single-molecule force spectroscopy of fast reversible bonds.
In single-molecule force spectroscopy, the unbinding force is often used to quantify the interaction strength of single molecular bonds. We analyze force spectroscopy of fast reversible bonds probedExpand
Redox active donor-substituted punicin derivatives.
The redox active plant material punicin from Punica granatum, 2-hydroxy-1-(pyridinium-1-yl)-5-olate, and some derivatives were modified by substitution with 2-oxochromen-4-olate moieties to giveExpand