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Worthless donations: male deception and female counter play in a nuptial gift-giving spider
BackgroundIn nuptial gift-giving species, benefits of acquiring a mate may select for male deception by donation of worthless gifts. We investigated the effect of worthless gifts on mating success inExpand
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Nuptial gift-giving behaviour and male mating effort in the Neotropical spider Paratrechalea ornata (Trechaleidae)
The occurrence of nuptial gifts is rare in spiders, being well known only for a single species, Pisaura mirabilis (Pisauridae), whose males offer females a prey wrapped in silk during courtship.Expand
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Sperm storage mediated by cryptic female choice for nuptial gifts
  • M. Albo, T. Bilde, G. Uhl
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological…
  • 7 December 2013
Polyandrous females are expected to discriminate among males through postcopulatory cryptic mate choice. Yet, there is surprisingly little unequivocal evidence for female-mediated cryptic spermExpand
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Condition dependence of male nuptial gift construction in the spider Pisaura mirabilis (Pisauridae)
Pisaura mirabilis males offer a prey wrapped in silk as a nuptial gift that functions as a male mating effort. If nuptial gift construction is costly, males in poor feeding condition would investExpand
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Polyandrous females acquire indirect benefits in a nuptial feeding species
The relative force of direct and indirect selection underlying the evolution of polyandry is contentious. When females acquire direct benefits during mating, indirect benefits are often consideredExpand
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Pseudocopulation and male-male conflict elicited by subadult females of the subsocial spider Anelosimus cf. studiosus (Theridiidae)
In spider species with first male sperm priority, males guard subadult females as a tactic for improving their paternity. Preliminary observations in Anelosimus cf. studiosus , a subsocial speciesExpand
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Evolution of deceit by worthless donations in a nuptial gift-giving spider
Males of the nursery web spider Pisaura mirabilis usually offer an insect prey wrapped in white silk as a nuptial gift to facilitate copulation. Males exploit female foraging preferences in a sexualExpand
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Evolution of worthless gifts is favoured by male condition and prey access in spiders
Males from gift-giving species attempt to obtain food to offer to females. Therefore, food access may affect both their body condition and their reproductive success. In some species, males reduceExpand
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Nuptial gift size, mating duration and remating success in a Neotropical spider
In many species the function and evolution of nuptial gifts have been explained by the male mating effort hypothesis; i.e., males increase their fertilization success by donating gifts to females.Expand
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Sexual receptivity varies according to female age in a Neotropical nuptial gift-giving spider
Abstract For many spiders, sex pheromones associated with female silk are important stimuli that elicit male searching and courtship behaviors. In that context, female sexual receptivity and chemicalExpand
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