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Expression of matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) in primary human breast cancer: MMP-9 as a potential biomarker for cancer invasion and metastasis.
Gene expression signatures are unique for specific grades and Overexpression of MMPs in higher grades might be associated with BC tumor invasion and metastasis, and MMP-9 is suggested to be of limited prognostic value.
Effect of cigarette smoking based on hematological parameters: comparison between male smokers and non-smokers
Findings showed that continuous cigarette smoking has adverse affects on hematological parameters (e.g., hemoglobin, hematocrit, WBC count, RBC number, and platelet crit) and these alterations might be associated with a greater risk for developing atherosclerosis, polycythemia vera, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and/ or cardiovascular diseases.
Microarray Expression Data Identify DCC as a Candidate Gene for Early Meningioma Progression
DCC may constitute a valid biomarker to identify those benign meningiomas at risk for progression based on its expression levels, and is identified as a predicted top upstream regulators beta-estradiol, TGFB1, Tgf beta complex, LY294002, and dexamethasone.
BRAF mutations in thyroid tumors from an ethnically diverse group
Older age is manifold associated with unfavorable tumor markers in patients with thyroid carcinoma and the K601E identified in a PTC, FVPTC, and FTC seems to be more distributed among different histological types of TC than previously thought.
Characterization of familial breast cancer in Saudi Arabia
BackgroundThe contribution of genetic factors to the development of breast cancer in the admixed and consanguineous population of the western region of Saudi Arabia is thought to be significant as
Spontaneous preterm birth and single nucleotide gene polymorphisms: a recent update
Understanding the complex genomic landscape of PTB needs high-throughput genome sequencing methods such as whole-exome sequencing and whole-genome sequencing approaches that will significantly enhance the understanding ofPTB.
Optimization of the preparation of fluorine-18-labeled steroid receptor ligands 16alpha-[18F]fluoroestradiol (FES), [18F]fluoro furanyl norprogesterone (FFNP), and
The information provided here will aid in the development of automated production of these steroid receptor tracers with high or improved yields, optimal SA, and ease of processing for research and clinical use.
High fibroblast growth factor 19 (FGF19) expression predicts worse prognosis in invasive ductal carcinoma of breast
Quantification of FGF19 expression appears to provide valuable prognostic information in breast cancer, particularly in older patients with lymph node metastasis and negative ER status.
Associations of recurrent miscarriages with chromosomal abnormalities, thrombophilia allelic polymorphisms and/or consanguinity in Saudi Arabia
This study demonstrated a strong association between RPL and the prevalence of chromosomal abnormalities and inherited thrombophilia, and underline the importance of systematic cytogenetic investigation and genetic counseling preferably at the premarital stage or at least during early pregnancy phase through preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD).