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A Generalized Method for Synthesizing Low-Profile, Band-Pass Frequency Selective Surfaces With Non-Resonant Constituting Elements
We present a comprehensive synthesis procedure for designing low-profile, band-pass frequency selective surfaces composed of non-resonant constituting elements. The proposed FSSs use arrays ofExpand
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Wideband Planar Microwave Lenses Using Sub-Wavelength Spatial Phase Shifters
We present a new technique for designing low-profile planar microwave lenses. The proposed lenses consist of numerous miniature spatial phase shifters distributed over a planar surface. The topologyExpand
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Low-Profile, Highly-Selective, Dual-Band Frequency Selective Surfaces With Closely Spaced Bands of Operation
We present a new design of a dual-band frequency selective surface (FSS) with closely spaced bands of operation and a highly-selective frequency response at each band. A multi-stage design procedureExpand
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Multiband Miniaturized Patch Antennas for a Compact, Shielded Microwave Breast Imaging Array
We present a comprehensive study of a class of multiband miniaturized patch antennas designed for use in a 3-D enclosed sensor array for microwave breast imaging. Miniaturization and multibandExpand
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A generalized method for synthesizing miniaturized element band-pass frequency selective surfaces
Frequency selective surfaces (FSSs) have been used extensively for a variety of millimeter and microwave applications [1]-[3]. Generally, an FSS is composed of a two-dimensional (2D), planar array ofExpand
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Broadband True-Time-Delay Microwave Lenses Based on Miniaturized Element Frequency Selective Surfaces
We present a new technique for designing low-profile, ultrawideband, true-time-delay (TTD) equivalent microwave lenses. Such a lens is composed of numerous spatial time-delay units (TDUs) distributedExpand
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Dual-Band Miniaturized Patch Antennas for Microwave Breast Imaging
We present a miniaturized, dual-band patch antenna array element that is designed for use in a three-dimensional (3-D) microwave tomography system for breast imaging. Dual-band operation is achievedExpand
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A Generalized Synthesis Procedure for Low-Profile, Frequency Selective Surfaces With Odd-Order Bandpass Responses
We present a generalized synthesis procedure for designing low-profile frequency selective surfaces (FSS) with bandpass responses of odd-order (N = 3,5,7,...). The FSSs designed using this techniqueExpand
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Biologically Inspired Electrically Small Antenna Arrays With Enhanced Directional Sensitivity
Many insects possess acute directional hearing capabilities and are able to localize sound sources of interest with an astonishing degree of precision. An analogy can be drawn between the auditoryExpand
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Dielectric Characterization of PCL-Based Thermoplastic Materials for Microwave Diagnostic and Therapeutic Applications
We propose the use of a polycaprolactone (PCL)-based thermoplastic mesh as a tissue-immobilization interface for microwave imaging and microwave hyperthermia treatment. Expand
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