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One to One Technology and Its Effect on Student Academic Achievement and Motivation.
This research was a quantitative study using 4th grade participants from a Title 1 elementary school in Central Illinois. This study set out to determine whether one to one technology (1:1 will beExpand
A case report: Multaq-induced leukocytoclastic vasculitis.
This is the first documented case of likely multaq-induced LV and patients on Multaq therapy should be monitored for signs and symptoms of LV and be referred to an acute care setting as indicated. Expand
Using Simulation to Plan Tunnel Construction
A real-world case study of the practical use of scenario-based simulation analysis for project planning and decision support in a CA$22 million utility tunneling project in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada is contributed. Expand
Atrial Stunning Masquerading as Restrictive Doppler Flow Pattern: A Case of Mitral Inflow “Pseudorestriction”
This data indicates that pre-empting heart attack-like events in patients with a history of prior heart disease may be a better predictor of disease progression than traditional echocardiography. Expand
Simulation and uncertainty modeling of project schedules estimates
This work demonstrates the use of the Bayesian approach in an on-line simulation that augments a real-life monitoring and planning system for managing tunneling construction projects. Expand
A Masters Programme in telecommunications management – demand-based curriculum design
This paper presents a curriculum design approach for a Masters Programme in Telecommunications Management based on demand data obtained from surveying the needs of potential students of the proposedExpand
Collaborative Tunneling Simulation Using Synthetic Environments
A proposed system for the development of a multi-user decision support framework to improve the planning phase of construction designed to house a collaborative environment in construction and informed by the Construction Synthetic Environment (CoSyE) method based on High Level Architecture (HLA). Expand
Monte Carlo valuation of power generating units