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Fatty acid and sterol composition of eight brown algae from the Senegalese coast
The fatty acid and sterol composition of eight Phaeophyceae from the Senegalese coast were investigated by capillary gas chromatography and the Dictyota genus seems to be characterized by the presence of high levels of 16:1ω5.
Isolation of bioactive 5α,8α-epidioxy sterols from the marine sponge Luffariella cf. variabilis
The lipid extract of the marine sponge Luffariella cf. variabilis from Mayotte (Indian Ocean) has proven to be an extraordinarily rich source of a wide variety of unusual steroids belonging to the ...
Netamines O-S, Five New Tricyclic Guanidine Alkaloids from the Madagascar Sponge Biemna laboutei, and Their Antimalarial Activities.
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Netamines H-N, tricyclic alkaloids from the marine sponge Biemna laboutei and their antimalarial activity.
Seven new tricyclic alkaloids, netamines H-N (1-7), along with the known netamine G and mirabilins A, C, and F, are isolated from the Madagascar sponge Biemna laboutei for their cytotoxicity against KB cells and their antiplasmodial activity.
Fatty acid composition of twelve species of chlorophyceae from the senegalese coast
The results show that fatty acid composition offers discriminant features for the chemotaxonomic classification of this algal class and distinguishes the Siphonales from the Ulotrichales and the Cladophorales.
Ptilomycalin D, a polycyclic guanidine alkaloid from the marine sponge Monanchora dianchora.
A new polycyclic guanidine alkaloid, ptilomycalin D, and the known crambescidic acid were isolated from the marine sponge Monanchora dianchora collected in Nosy-Be, northwest of Madagascar, in the
Nor-sterols in Axinella proliferans, sponge from the Indian Ocean
A new sterol, 3β-(hydroxymethyl)-A-nor-5α-cholest-14-ene-16α-ol, has been identified by their mass and two-dimensional NMR spectra compared with those of the D-ring unsaturated sterol isolated from the Mediterannean sponge Topsentia aurantiaca.
Novel 3-β-methoxysteroids from the senegalse sponge Microscleroderma spirophora
Abstract The Senegalse sponge Microscleroderma spirophora has been found to produce exclusively very unusual 3β-methoxysteroids in place of the common 3β-hydroxysteroids. Six different
New 9,11-secosterols from gorgonia Subergorgia suberosa of the Indian Ocean
Three new 9,11-secosterols were isolated from the Indian Ocean gorgonia, Subergorgia suberosa and their structures were established by spectroscopic data.