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A Vendian-Cambrian Island Arc System of the Siberian Continent in Gorny Altai (Russia, Central Asia)
An extended Vendian-Cambrian island-arc system similar to the Izu-Bonin-Mariana type is described in the Gorny Altai terrane at the margin of the Siberian continent. Three different tectonicExpand
Carbon isotope composition of macerals separated from various kerogens by density separation method.
Source rock-oil correlation has often been inferred from carbon isotope ratios o f insoluble organic matter (kerogen) contained in sediments, since each kerogen has a peculiar value controlled byExpand
In situ high temperature ESR measurements for kerogen maturation
Abstract Kerogen samples from Middle Miocene mudstone cores in two Japanese exploratory wells have been investigated by an in situ high temperature ESR technique. Anhydrous pyrolysis of the kerogensExpand
Whole rock geochemistry and Sr isotopic compositions of Phanerozoic sedimentary rocks in the Inner Zone of the Southwest Japan Arc
Abstract Pre-Cretaceous metasedimentary rocks occurring in the Inner Zone of the Southwest Japan Arc can be divided into three major groups, namely, high P/T metamorphic (Renge and Suo belts), lowExpand
Provenance of Paleozoic–Mesozoic sedimentary rocks in the Inner Zone of Southwest Japan: An evaluation based on Nd model ages
Abstract Nd model ages using depleted mantle (TDM) values for the sedimentary rocks in the Inner Zone of the SW Japan and western area of Tanakura Tectonic Line in the NE Japan allow classificationExpand
Amino Acid Composition of Heated Scallop Shells
Masahiko Akiyama
Amino acids from the Late Precambrian Thule Group, Greenland
Amino acids were recovered at a concentration level of 10−9 M/g from the interior of chert and dolomite of the Late Precambrian Thule Group. Examination of the stability of amino acids in chert underExpand
Liquid and gas chromatographic analyses of several fossil proteins
Abstract 1. 1. Comparative liquid column and gas chromatographic analyses have been made of residual proteins extracted from fossil shells of ages up through the Cretaceous. 2. 2. They demonstrateExpand