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Investigations of swirl flames in a gas turbine model combustor: I. Flow field, structures, temperature, and species distributions
Abstract A gas turbine model combustor for swirling CH 4 /air diffusion flames at atmospheric pressure with good optical access for detailed laser measurements is discussed. Three flames with thermalExpand
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Experimental study of industrial gas turbine flames including quantification of pressure influence on flow field, fuel/air premixing and flame shape
Abstract A commercial swirl burner for industrial gas turbine combustors was equipped with an optically accessible combustion chamber and installed in a high-pressure test-rig. Several premixedExpand
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Simultaneous three-component PIV/OH-PLIF measurements of a turbulent lifted, C3H8-Argon jet diffusion flame at 1.5 kHz repetition rate
Abstract Planar laser-induced fluorescence (PLIF) and stereoscopic particle image velocimetry (PIV) were simultaneously applied at 1.5 kHz repetition-rate to acquire time-resolved, cinematographicExpand
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Numerical Investigation of Mixing and Combustion Enhancement in Supersonic Combustors by Strut Induced Streamwise Vorticity
A numerical study of mixing and combustion enhancement has been performed for a Mach 2 model scramjet (supersonic combustion ramjet) combustor. Fuel (hydrogen) is injected at supersonic speed throughExpand
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Periodic combustion instabilities in a swirl burner studied by phase-locked planar laser-induced fluorescence
Quasi-simultaneous phase-correlated measurements of different species in a turbulent swirl flame with a self-excited instability are presented for the first time. Phase-resolved OH* chemiluminescenceExpand
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Flame stabilization and auto-ignition of pulsed methane jets in a hot coflow: Influence of temperature
Abstract The auto-ignition of a pulsed methane jet issuing into a coaxial laminar coflow of hot exhaust gas from a lean premixed hydrogen/air flat flame has been studied experimentally by means ofExpand
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Laser Based Investigations of Thermo-Acoustic Instabilities in a Lean Premixed Gas Turbine Model Combustor
Non-intrusive laser-based and optical measurements were performed in a gas turbine model combustor with a lean premixed swirl-stabilized CH4 -air flame at atmospheric pressure. The main objective wasExpand
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Secure Symmetric Authentication for RFID Tags
The project ART proposes to enhance passive RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags with cryptographically secure authentication. Starting with a short introduction into common RFID systems withExpand
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Power Analysis Tutorial
Performing a Differential Power Analysis (DPA) attack requires knowledge in several fields; statistics and cryptography for the attack itself, programming skills and experience in instrumentation toExpand
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Auto-ignition and flame stabilization of pulsed methane jets in a hot vitiated coflow studied with high-speed laser and imaging techniques
The auto-ignition of a pulsed methane jet issuing into a laminar coflow of hot exhaust products of a lean premixed hydrogen/air flat flame was examined using high-speed laser and optical measurementExpand
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