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The nexus of fiscal policy instruments and environmental degradation in China
As one of the world’s largest economies, Chinese economy is maintaining the rapid economic development along with the cost of environmental degradation. The role of fiscal policy instruments is stillExpand
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Evaluation of Stock Selection Skills and Market Timing Abilities of Indian Mutual Fund Managers
In this paper, we evaluate the performance of selected equity-based mutual funds in India. We argue that multi-factor benchmarks provide better selectivity and timing measures compared to one-factorExpand
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Is Aggregate Domestic Consumption Spending (ADCS) Per Capita Determining CO2 Emissions in South Africa? A New Perspective
Aggregate domestic consumption spending is one of the prime drivers of economic progress that facilitates the process of industrialization, international trade, and innovation, but its effect on theExpand
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Improving Regional Trade to Support Pakistan’s Economic Growth
Regional trade has been an important factor in the economic success of many countries. Within most trading blocs, intra-regional trade comprises 40 percent or more of each member country’s individualExpand
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Empowerment of Women through Self Help Group in Madhya Pradesh: A Sociological Study
Women in India represent a more traditional section of society and have been reflected throughout the ages. Therefore, their participation in any walk of life is viewed as a sign of progress,Expand
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Machine Translation Techniques and their Comparative Study
A comparative study of machine translation techniques used for multilingual translation vis-à-vis efficiency, ease of use, space-time complexity and creation of experimental framework. Expand
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Standardization of pathology laboratories in Pakistan: problems and prospects.
A Total Quality Management System with an internationally recognized accreditation process is the only guarantee of a reliable pathology service. However in a developing country like Pakistan nearlyExpand
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