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Type specimens of quaternary marine bivalves from Argentina
Type material of 39 bivalve taxa is here revised for the first time. In most cases type specimens were collected fossil or "subfossil" along the northeastem Argentine coastal area (Holocene; ca.Expand
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Palaeobiogeography of the Holocene molluscan fauna from northeastern Buenos Aires Province, Argentina: its relation to coastal evolution and sea level changes
Abstract In northeastern Argentina the Holocene (ca. 2500–6000 14C yr B.P.) benthic marine molluscan fauna from the Cerro de la Gloria Member of the Las Escobas Formation represents a higherExpand
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Morphological variability of Brachidontes Swainson (Bivalvia, Mytilidae) in the marine Quaternary of Argentina (SW Atlantic)
Abstract Morphometric analyses of abundant shells of Brachidontes from 27 localities (19 littoral deposits of Late Quaternary age and eight modern sites) in Argentina, where Brachidontes rodrigueziExpand
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Late Quaternary marginal marine deposits and palaeoenvironments from northeastern Buenos Aires Province, Argentina: A review
The late Quaternary marginal marine deposits along eastern Argentina (Southwestern Atlantic) are reviewed according to our present knowledge. In the northeastern coastal area of Buenos Aires ProvinceExpand
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Late Quaternary molluscan assemblages from the coastal area of Bahía Bustamante (Patagonia, Argentina): Paleoecology and paleoenvironments
Variations in the composition, distribution, and diversity of molluscan assemblages from Patagonian marine terraces (MT) formed during the late Quaternary sea-level highstands and neotectonicExpand
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Late Pleistocene and Holocene palaeoenvironments in Golfo San Jorge, Patagonia: molluscan evidence
Palaeoenvironments suggested by molluscan assemblages preserved in Late Pleistocene and Holocene raised marine terraces along the Golfo San Jorge, central Patagonia coastline, Argentina, are reviewedExpand
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Coastal evolution, changes in sea level and molluscan fauna in northeastern Argentina during the Late Quaternary
Abstract The northern Argentine shoreline underwent a remarkable progradation during the last 6890 years, equivalent to about 4000 km 2 . The shoreline moved approximately 30 km seaward on theExpand
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Palaeoenvironments and palaeoclimates of the Quaternary molluscan faunas from the coastal area of Bahía Vera-Camarones (Chubut, Patagonia)
Abstract Quaternary molluscs are useful tools as indicators of environmental and climatic changes through time. The Patagonian coastal area exhibits a series of Quaternary marine terraces (MT) atExpand
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Taphonomic processes affecting late Quaternary molluscs along the coastal area of Buenos Aires Province (Argentina, Southwestern Atlantic)
Molluscan concentrations were abundantly deposited along the coastal area of Buenos Aires Province (Argentina, Southwestern Atlantic) by different sea-level episodes during the late Quaternary. MostExpand
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Pleistocene and Holocene interglacial molluscan assemblages from Patagonian and Bonaerensian littoral (Argentina, SW Atlantic): Palaeobiodiversity and palaeobiogeography
Abstract Our analysis of palaeobiodiversity and palaeobiogeography of Quaternary molluscan assemblages provide information on the last coastal scenarios in the SW Atlantic. We present patterns ofExpand
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