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Tourism communication: the translator’s responsibility in the translation of cultural difference
Tourist discourse can be considered as a specialised type of cross-cultural communication. The subject of this work is the degree of intervention translators are asked to exercise in order to achieveExpand
Questions of Mediation in the Translation of Tourist Texts
The notion of “mediation”  - meant as a symbolic space for interplay and negotiation -  is one on the main characteristic of the language of tourism. The force of tourism communication lies in itsExpand
Locating Systems and Individuals in Translation Studies
In this article a number of approaches to translation studies are taken into consideration, in order to explore the possibility of developing a model which could bring together the socio-cultural andExpand
An Introduction to Linguistics and the Study of English
The Voice of the 'Translatress': from Aphra Behn to Elizabeth Carter
Eighteenth-century women's writing activities have recently attracted a certain degree of critical interest, but attention has generally been focused on specific literary genres, such asExpand
Cultural Representation Through Translation: an Insider-Outsider Perspective on the Translation of Tourism Promotional Discourse
Intercultural communication, and particularly tourism translation, means making the cultural values of a given destination accessible to an audience that is not familiar with them. The purpose ofExpand
Translation Teaching and Methodology: a Linguistic Analysis of a Literary Text
Mirella Agorni's research focuses on translation theory and both the history and teaching of translation, and manages to bring together these diverse strands into one coherent and convincing whole. Expand