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Microtubules are responsible for the asymmetrical distribution of organelles in the oocytes of the hymenopteran, Chrysis ignita.
A key role of microtubules in forming and/or maintaining the asymmetry of ooplasm in Chrysis ignita is confirmed.
The content of copper, iron and proteins in the serum of decapoda occurring in Poland
The protein content in the serum of Decapoda ranged from 23.5 to 39.1 mg/ml in different crayfish species, depending on the species examined, and no protein-bound iron was found in the Serum.
Effect of starvation on the content of free amino acids in plasma of different breeds of hen
Changes in amino acid concentrations during starvation were dependent on the breed of hen, and a progressive decrease in concentration of the majority of amino acids was found.
Phosphorus fractions of crayfish haemolymph, serum and haemocyanin.
Different amounts of haemolymph proteins participate in clot formation in Astacus leptodactylus and Orconectes limosus (20% and 10%, respectively), although in both species the content of proteins in
[Allergic reactions to detergents].
  • M. Adamska
  • Chemistry, Medicine
    Przeglad dermatologiczny
  • 1971