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An improved heat pulse method to measure low and reverse rates of sap flow in woody plants.
An improved heat pulse method, termed the heat ratio method (HRM), is presented, to measure low and reverse rates of sap flow in woody plants, which has several important advantages over the CHPM, including improved measurement range and resolution. Expand
The knowns, known unknowns and unknowns of sequestration of soil organic carbon
Soil contains approximately 2344 Gt (1 gigaton = 1 billion tonnes) of organic carbon globally and is the largest terrestrial pool of organic carbon. Small changes in the soil organic carbon stockExpand
The redistribution of soil water by tree root systems
It is suggested that “hydraulic redistribution” of water in tree roots is significant in maintaining root viability, facilitating root growth in dry soils and modifying resource availability. Expand
Estimation of leaf area index in eucalypt forest using digital photography
Abstract We tested whether leaf area index (L) in eucalypt vegetation could be accurately estimated from gap fraction measurements made using both fisheye and non-fisheye digital photography. WeExpand
Nutrient cycling in forests.
It seems that forest soils are resistant to major changes in patterns of nitrogen mineralization following disturbance by natural events such as wind-throw and fire, and by man-made eventssuch as logging and fertilizing. Expand
Sensitivity of plants to changing atmospheric CO2 concentration: from the geological past to the next century.
Overall, the sensitivity of plants to rising or falling c(a) is qualitatively similar across all scales considered, and is characterised by an adaptive feedback response that tends to maintain 1 - c(i)/c(a), the relative gradient for CO(2) diffusion into the leaf, relatively constant. Expand
Internal conductance does not scale with photosynthetic capacity: implications for carbon isotope discrimination and the economics of water and nitrogen use in photosynthesis.
It is demonstrated that at common WUE, delta may vary by up to 3 per thousand, which is as large or larger than is commonly reported in many interspecific comparisons of delta, and adds to previous warnings about simplistic interpretations of WUE based on delta. Expand
Protocol for sampling tree and stand biomass.
• Supports Australia's position in the international development of policy and guidelines on sinks activity and greenhouse gas emissions mitigation from land based systems. • Reduces the scientificExpand
Growth and nutrient content of perennial grasslands following burning in semi-arid, sub-tropical Australia
Fire often increases the productivity of perennial tussock grasslands inmesic environments but can reduce growth for one or more growing seasons inaridand semi-arid environments. We examined effectsExpand