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Social Work and Social Reform: An Arena of Struggle
The twin pressures of containment and change have plagued social work since its origins in the late 19th century. The profession can boast of a long history of progressive activism directed toExpand
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The Dynamics of Social Welfare Policy
PART I Introducing Social Welfare Policy 1 Introduction: Social Problems, Social Policy, Social Change How Are Social Problems Constructed? Who Gets to Define a Social Problem? Social Policy andExpand
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Under Attack, Fighting Back: Women and Welfare in the United States
This new edition updates a highly acclaimed work with an analysis of the most recent developments in welfare "reform" and welfare rights activism. Drawing on first-hand reports of women forced toExpand
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Welfare Reform in the United States: gender, race and class matter
This article argues that gender, race and class matter in welfare reform. It provides a brief historical overview of the US welfare programme for single mothers; describes the main provisions ofExpand
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Privatization in the Human Services: Implications for Direct Practice
Human service agencies and front line practitioners are well known for the quality of services they provide to individuals, families, and communities. The last three decades of austerity-drivenExpand
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The largely untold story of welfare reform and the human services.
Welfare reform has placed the lives of clients, the jobs of social workers, and the mission of agencies in jeopardy. Based on interviews with senior staff at 107 nonprofit human services agencies,Expand
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Double Jeopardy: The Impact of Neoliberalism on Care Workers in the United States and South Africa
Many researchers have explored how neoliberal restructuring of the workplace has reduced the standard of living and increased workplace stress among private sector employees. However, few haveExpand
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Saving Capitalism from Itself: Whither the Welfare State?
Springfield, Massachusetts, the Bay State’s third largest city, suffered staggering manufacturing job loss over the last thirty years of the twentieth century. In 2004, the financial impact of jobExpand
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