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Familial myelodysplasia: progressive disease associated with emergence of monosomy 7
This family is the third reported in which monosomy 7 has been found when leukaemic or preleukaemic transformation has occurred in patients with familial hypoplastic anaemia.
Left Ventricular Trabeculations in Athletes: Epiphenomenon or Phenotype of Disease?
  • M. Abela, A. D’Silva
  • Biology, Medicine
    Current Treatment Options in Cardiovascular…
  • 26 October 2018
The majority of excessive LV trabeculation, as assessed by current quantification methods, is not due to cardiomyopathy but forms part of the normal continuum in health with potential contributions from cardiac remodelling processes.
Exercise training in heart failure
  • M. Abela
  • Medicine
    Postgraduate Medical Journal
  • 4 May 2018
The aim of this review is to provide an update to date literature review of the positive and negative evidence surrounding ET in HF, while proposing an efficient novel in-hospital exercise-based rehabilitation programme for patients with HF in addition to a pre-existing HF clinic.
Abnormal ECG Findings in Athletes: Clinical Evaluation and Considerations
This review will highlight specific pathological ECG patterns that warrant assessment and surveillance, together with an in-depth review of the recommended algorithm for evaluation.
Electrocardiographic interpretation in athletes.
The normal electrical patterns of the "athlete's heart" are described and insights into differentiation physiological electrical patterns from those observed in serious cardiac disease are provided.
Cardiac troponin: more than meets the eye
The proposed mechanisms in exercise-induced troponin release are discussed, while also its clinical relevance and potential early and late sequelae are discussed.
Young hearts run free
This story is based on Romeo and Juliet and features references to Macbeth, Shakespeare adaptation, Sexual Content, Violence and more.