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Design of an analytical fault tolerant attitude determination system using Euler angles and rotation matrices for a three-axis satellite
This article presents a fault tolerant attitude determination system for a three-axis satellite including a sun sensor and a magnetometer. The suggested methodology is developed based on all possibleExpand
GPS based onboard orbit determination system providing fault management features for a LEO satellite
This paper presents accurate orbit determination (OD) of the Iran University of Science and Technology Satellite (IUSTSAT) from Global Positioning System (GPS) data. The GPS position data are treatedExpand
A Reliable Fault Tolerant Attitude Control System Based on an Adaptive Fault Detection and Diagnosis Algorithm together with a Backstepping Fault Recovery Controller
A recovery algorithm has been utilized combined with fault detection and identification algorithm to provide an advanced decision support system to achieve a fault tolerant attitude control system capable of Fault Detection and Diagnosis (FDD). Expand
Verification of reaction wheel functional model in HIL test-bed
Reaction Wheel (RW) is the most popular actuator in the Attitude Control System (ACS) of satellites which has a significant role in performing satellite missions. Reaction wheel supplies the torqueExpand
Supervisory algorithm based on reaction wheel modelling and spectrum analysis for detection and classification of electromechanical faults
This study presents the design of a supervisory software algorithm that can detect and classify different types of electromechanical faults and determine the fault source in the reaction wheel.Expand
A Fast Locking Phase-Locked Loop with Low Reference Spur
  • M. Abedi, J. Y. Hasani
  • Computer Science
  • Electrical Engineering (ICEE), Iranian Conference…
  • 1 May 2018
In the proposed dual-loop PLL, a new technique to decrease the dead zone (DZ) in DZ-creator circuit and speed up the frequency locking is adopted, and a fast locking PLL is achieved. Expand
Implementation of an AMR magnetic sensor by means of a microcontroller to achieve more accurate response
Small magnetic sensors are widely used integrated in vehicles, mobile phones, medical devices, etc for navigation, speed, position and angular sensing. Despite the practical advantages thatExpand
Design of a novel fault detection algorithm based on Euler angles for the attitude determination system of a 3-axis stabilized satellite
This paper presents a new scheme for fault detection in satellite Attitude Determination (AD) sensors. The proposed method is based on derivation of all possible relations which result in EulerExpand
Design of a robust central difference kalman filter in the presence of uncertainties and unknown measurement errors
The stability of the proposed filtering strategy is proved by the Lyapunov theory and the upper bound of state estimation error covariance is found for all admissible uncertainties. Expand
Actuator Faults Estimation for a Helicopter UAV in the Presence of Disturbances
The aim of this paper is to develop robust three-stage extended Kalman filter for a model based on a fault detection and identification for nonlinear hover mode system of helicopter unmanned aerialExpand