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An Overview of Municipal Solid Wastes Generation In Malaysia
Peningkatan jumlah penduduk dan pertumbuhan pesat proses perbandaran dan faktor lain secara langsung mengakibatkan penghasilan sisa pepejal perbandaran. Jumlah kuantiti besar yang dihasilkan
A Review of Municipal Solid Waste Management in Malaysia
The tremendous increased of municipal solid waste (MSW) generation in most major cities in Malaysia is observed as a main issue recently. This paper reviews the MSW management comprises many issues
Evaluating Municipal Solid Waste Disposal Options by AHP-based Linguistic Variable Weight
The increase in municipal solid waste (MSW) being generated each year poses a serious dilemma in choosing the best MSW disposal system in Malaysia. Since the decision process involves uncertainty,
Path Analysis of the Factors Influencing Students ’ Achievement in Mathematics
The aim of the present study is to look into the effects of teaching method and teaching practices, students’ attitude towards mathematics, students’ anxiety, teachers’ attribution and their
Identifying The Generic Skills Amongst Malaysian Undergraduate Students: An Analysis of Gender Differences
Kertas ini membincangkan kemahiran generik yang diperolehi oleh pelajar prasiswazah dan ia seterusnya meneroka perbezaan mengikut jantina. Sampel seramai 460 pelajar prasiswazah dari tiga buah
Broyden's Method for Solving Fuzzy Nonlinear Equations
An eight-step algorithm is used to solve fuzzy nonlinear equations where the coefficient is fuzzy number and two numerical examples are given to illustrate the proposed method.
Conflicting Bifuzzy Multi-attribute Group Decision Making Model with Application to Flood Control Project
We propose a group decision making model based on conflicting bifuzzy sets (CBFS) where evaluation are bi-valued in accordance to the subjective assessment obtained from the experts for the positive
New Fuzzy Preference Relations and its Application in Group Decision Making
Decision making preferences to certain criteria usually focus on positive degrees without considering the negative degrees. However, in real life situation, evaluation becomes more comprehensive if
Sustainable decision-making model for municipal solid-waste management: bifuzzy approach
A sustainable model is observed as an important tool towards achieving the integrated municipal solid-waste (MSW) management decision. This paper proposes a new sustainable decision-making model to
Equilibrium linguistic computation method for fuzzy group decision making
This paper proposes an equilibrium computation method using linguistic variables based on the conflicting bifuzzy sets. The linguistic terms were defined and associated with the triangular fuzzy