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Seasonal variation in weight and biochemical composition of the tissues of Ruditapes decussatus in relation to the gametogenic cycle
Abstract Seasonal variations in the body weight and biochemical composition of the bivalve Ruditapes decussatus were studied over a period of 15 months. Separate analyses were made of foot, mantleExpand
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Geomarkers of the 218–209 BC Atlantic tsunami in the Roman Lacus Ligustinus (SW Spain): A palaeogeographical approach
Between 218 and 209 BC, the western coasts of Iberia suffered the impact of a historical tsunami, with an epicentre probably located in the Atlantic Ocean near the Cape St. Vincent area (SWExpand
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Marine and brackish-water ostracods as sentinels of anthropogenic impacts
Abstract This review analyses the ostracod responses to pollution-induced environmental changes by anthropogenic impacts. Different biological features such as the variability of the localExpand
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Correlation between foraminifera and sedimentary environments in recent estuaries of Southwestern Spain : Applications to holocene reconstructions
A multivariate analysis of the foraminifera collected in three estuaries of southwestern Spain (Guadiana, Piedras, Tinto-Odiel) permits recognition of three main assemblages, with spatialExpand
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Evidence of high-energy events in the geological record: Mid-holocene evolution of the southwestern Doñana National Park (SW Spain)
Abstract Four phases are distinguished in the Mid-Holocene evolution of the southwestern Donana National Park (SW Spain), based on the multidisciplinary study of sediments in drill cores. In theExpand
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The Frattini sublattice of a finite distributive lattice
Frattini sublattices of finite distributive lattices are characterized and several applications are given thereof.
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Coastal Dunes and Marshes in Doñana National Park
Donana Natural Park is a good global example of the sedimentary filling of a broad tidal estuary during the Mid-Late Holocene, after the last postglacial sea-level rise. The timing of this rise isExpand
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The basaltic volcanism of the Dumisseau Formation in the Sierra de Bahoruco, SW Dominican Republic: A record of the mantle plume-related magmatism of the Caribbean Large Igneous Province
Abstract The basaltic volcanism of the Dumisseau Fm in the Sierra de Bahoruco, SW Dominican Republic, offers the opportunity to study, on land, the volcanism of the Caribbean Large Igneous ProvinceExpand
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The geological record of the oldest historical tsunamis in southwestern Spain
A regressive sequence was determined in the late Holocene evolution of the southwestern Donana National Park (SW Spain), based on a multidisciplinary study of sediments obtained in a drill core. InExpand
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Evidence of MIS 5 sea-level highstands in Gebel Mousa coast (Strait of Gibraltar, North of Africa)
Abstract The Last Interglacial is considered the most suitable episode from which to infer patterns of rapid sea-level change since its climatic conditions were similar to those of the presentExpand
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