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Lim1 Is Essential for the Correct Laminar Positioning of Retinal Horizontal Cells
Although much is known about the transcriptional regulation that coordinates retinal cell fate determination, very little is known about the developmental processes that establish the characteristicExpand
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Determinants of the exclusion zone in dopaminergic amacrine cell mosaics
A fundamental organizing feature of the retina is the presence of regularly spaced distributions of neurons, yet we have little knowledge of how this patterning emerges during development. AmongExpand
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Early afferent signaling in the outer plexiform layer regulates development of horizontal cell morphology
The dendritic patterning of retinal horizontal cells has been shown to be specified by the cone photoreceptor afferents. The present investigation has addressed whether this specification is due toExpand
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Spatial patterning of cholinergic amacrine cells in the mouse retina
The two populations of cholinergic amacrine cells in the inner nuclear layer (INL) and the ganglion cell layer (GCL) differ in their spatial organization in the mouse retina, but the basis for thisExpand
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Development of cholinergic amacrine cell stratification in the ferret retina and the effects of early excitotoxic ablation.
The present study has examined the emergence of cholinergic stratification within the developing inner plexiform layer (IPL), and the effect of ablating the cholinergic amacrine cells on theExpand
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Brilliant violet fluorophores: A new class of ultrabright fluorescent compounds for immunofluorescence experiments
The Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded in 2000 for the discovery of conductive organic polymers, which have subsequently been adapted for applications in ultrasensitive biological detection. Here,Expand
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Afferents and Homotypic Neighbors Regulate Horizontal Cell Morphology, Connectivity, and Retinal Coverage
Horizontal cells are inhibitory interneurons with laterally oriented dendrites that overlap one another, contacting the pedicles of cone photoreceptors. Because of their regular spacing, the networkExpand
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Mosaic regularity of horizontal cells in the mouse retina is independent of cone photoreceptor innervation.
PURPOSE To determine whether the density and the mosaic regularity of the population of horizontal cells is dependent on innervation from the cone photoreceptors by comparing these features inExpand
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Organization of the inner retina following early elimination of the retinal ganglion cell population: effects on cell numbers and stratification patterns.
The present study has examined the effects of early ganglion cell elimination upon the organization of the inner retina in the ferret. The population of retinal ganglion cells was removed by opticExpand
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Horizontal cell density and mosaic regularity in pigmented and albino mouse retina
The present study has examined the density and mosaic regularity of the population of horizontal cells in the pigmented and albino mouse retina. Retinal wholemounts were immunostained for calbindin,Expand
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