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[Gestagenic and contraceptive activity of new synthetic progesterone analogs in experimental animals].
The gestagenic activity of new 17alpha-hydroxyprogesterone analogs was studied in experiments on infantile female rabbits and ovariectomized animals, and butagest, megestrol capronate, and AMOL isopropyl ester showed the ability to maintain pregnancy in ovariected female rabbits. Expand
[Therapeutic efficacy of novel 17alpha-hydroxyprogesterone derivatives in experimental preterm labor].
The ability of a series of new 17 alpha-Hydroxyprogesteron derivatives in preventing the prostaglandin-induced preterm labor was experimentally studied in mice and it was found that all the synthetic gestagens studied, especially butagest, maintained pregnancy in all test animals on the model of enzaprost F induced abortion. Expand
[Experimental progestogenic activity of novel derivatives of 17alpha-hydroxyprogesterone].
Experiments on infantile female rabbits showed that new 17a-hydroxyprogesterone derivatives (AMOL phenyl propionate, AMOL isopropyl ester) possess a pronounced gestagenic activity and is capable of maintaining pregnancy in ovariectomized animals (Corner-Allen assay). Expand
[Effect of instenon on the uterine contractile activity].
The effect of instenon upon the uterine contractile activity was studied in pregnant rats. The drug administration at a dose resulted in significant suppression of the myometrium contractility. TheExpand
[Hepatization of a lobe of the lung after a knife wound].