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Production of bio-oil from fixed bed pyrolysis of bagasse
The objective of this work was to produce renewable liquid fuel (bio-oil) from locally produced bagasse by pyrolysis in a batch feeding and fixed bed reactor. The experiments were performed atExpand
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A node estimation technique in underwater wireless sensor network
The number of nodes in a deployed wireless sensor network might vary due to ad hoc nature, natural disaster. Expand
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Adsorption Studies on Activated Carbon Derived from Steam Activation of Jute Stick Char
The char derived from pyrolysis of jute stick for bio-oil production was activated by physical method using steam. The yield of activated carbon was varied with the variation of activationExpand
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Dispersion and confinement loss control with decagonal photonic crystal fibers for wideband transmission systems
In this paper, we propose and demonstrate a simple photonic crystal fiber (PCF) based on decagonal cladding structure for simultaneous control of dispersion and leakage properties restoring theExpand
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Design and simulation of a low cost three band microstrip patch antenna for the X-band, Ku-band and K- band applications
The aim of this paper is to design the effective shape of a microstrip patch antenna which can provide lower return losses, better gain and performance for X-band (2 GHz to12 GHz), Ku-band (12 GHz toExpand
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Preparation and Adsorption Studies of High Specific Surface Area Activated Carbons Obtained from the Chemical Activation of Jute Stick
High specific surface area activated carbon has been produced from the chemical activation of jute stick using H3PO4 as an activating agent at different temperatures in the range 673–973 K. The BETExpand
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Thermodynamic properties of Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate aqueous solutions with Methanol, Ethanol, n-Propanol and iso-Propanol at different temperatures
Abstract The thermodynamic activation parameters such as, free energy (Δ G # ), enthalpy (Δ H # ) and entropy (Δ S # ) change for the viscous flow of the ternary systems of Methanol, Ethanol, n-Expand
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Design and simulation of a dual frequecy E-shaped Microstrip patch antenna for wireless communication
A low profile, dual frequency probe-fed Microstrip antenna with E-shape radiating patch is designed and proposed for S-band and C-band applications. The purpose of this work is to obtain a dualExpand
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Reference power selection for smoothing wind power fluctuations with reduced energy capacity
Due to random variations of wind speed, the output power and terminal voltage of a fixed-speed wind generator fluctuates continuously. In this paper, it is reported that the SMES system with aExpand
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Preparation and characterization of activated charcoal as an adsorbent
Charcoal was prepared from coconut shell and activated at three temperatures 300, 350 and 400°C in constant flow of air or nitrogen. Adsorption of oxalic acid and maleic acid from their aqueousExpand
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