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Study of high-power Ka-band second-harmonic gyroklystron amplifier
The self-consistent nonlinear theory of two-cavity high-harmonic gyroklystron amplifier has been developed. The efficiency and gain of a second-harmonic gyroklystron were calculated numerically. The
Theory of gyrotrons with a nonfixed structure of the high-frequency field
ConclusionsIn a gyrotron (amplifier or oscillator) having an electrodynamic system in the form of a slightly irregular waveguide having a low effective Q, the frequency of the variable field is close
Design of TIR optics generating the prescribed irradiance distribution in the circle region.
It is shown that point source approximation is acceptable in cases when the size of the light source is 5 (or more) times less than the distance to the inner surface of the optical element.
Influence of the axial misalignment of the electron beam and the cavity on the gyrotron parameters
We consider some effects connected with the axial misalignment of the electron beam and the cavity in gyrotrons. These effects are studied by the example of three gyrotrons with different parameters
Numerical simulation of mode interaction in 170 GHz/1 MW gyrotrons for iter
The paper presents an advanced method for and results of calculating main parameters of CW 170 GHz/1 MW gyrotrons operating at the TE28.7 and TE31.8 modes for ITER. Parameters are optimized to
Efficiency Enhancement of the Relativistic Gyrotron
Different numerical models of relativistic gyrotrons are compared. The possibility of optimizing the cavity parameters is considered. Dependences of the efficiency and optimal parameters on the
Analytical source-target mapping method for the design of freeform mirrors generating prescribed 2D intensity distributions.
A new source-target mapping for the design of mirrors generating prescribed 2D intensity distributions is proposed. The surface of the mirror implementing the obtained mapping is expressed in an
A proposal to use reflection with delay for achieving the self-modulation and stochastic regimes in millimeter-wave gyrotrons
It is shown that the introduction of a local constriction in the waveguide section at a distance comparable to the length of the interaction space reduces by an order of magnitude the value of the
Effect of penultimate cavity position and tuning on three-cavity gyroklystron amplifier performance
Electron bunching and energy extraction in a three-cavity gyroklystron amplifier have been studied in detail. As predicted by theory, the strong effect of the position and tuning of the penultimate